four roads construction

Health & Safety

As a company we are dedicated to continually improving levels of Health & Safety awareness through staff training and the ongoing communication of information. We provide safe and healthy working conditions for employees (including all necessary P.P.E) to ensure their personal safety while on site. Health and safety is monitored and overseen by our health and safety manager. As a result we have excellent health and safety records and very low accident rates.


At Four Roads we pride ourselves on delivering high levels of quality in all of our work. We endeavour to perform in a timely, cost effective and safe manner, all the while striving for continual improvement and promoting a positive corporate image.

Our success in delivering quality projects is down to the high calibre of employees and the money and time investing in their continued learning.

All our owned plant is regularly maintained and our plant manager ensures that all machines have thorough examination certificates,any external plant hired is checked in the same process. Not only the appearance of our plant is important the safety and well being of our stakeholders are paramount.

Quality within the company is overseen by the Directors and all members of staff are encouraged to deliver high standards of quality in their work.


As a company, we are conscious of working with the least possible negative impact on the Environment.

We are committed to the reduction waste in materials and energy wherever possible, noise and air pollution is kept to a minimum at all times and a conscious effort is made to make our sites tidy and safe to all parties.

Our company operates to ISO 14001 and we intend to gain full accreditation by the end of 2016.

Civil Engineering

We at Four Roads Construction pride ourselves in offering premium solutions to help you build sustainable structures to the highest standards. We apply the latest techniques in civil engineering in the UK, while minimising the impact of our work on the environment.

From new roads to sewers, drainage works to finishing jobs, you can rely on our unsurpassed expertise to cover your unique requirements, no matter how demanding they may be.

Speedy Construction

New road construction calls for precise civil engineering, which is exactly what we do best. We understand that delays cost money. For this reason, we make certain that we not only do the job exceptionally, but quickly as well. With fast road construction, there is less road obstruction, making traffic flow much smoother.

Through careful planning and quick implementation, we are able to deliver superb services for our clients. We do quality construction work, and we do it fast so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of well thought-out civil engineering.

Engineering Excellence Tested by Time

Four Roads Construction is home to the most widely and diversely experienced civil engineers in the UK. With our extensive background across a broad range of sectors, we have highly qualified professionals who can expertly handle your project from the ground up.

In our industry, we know we cannot be any less than perfect in what we do, and we believe that you deserve nothing less. This is why we make it a point that all of our workers undergo rigorous training on a regular basis to hone their set of skills and expand their knowledge on different jobs.

We embrace the opportunity to develop an innovative solution for you. Regardless of the nature of the job, our team has the capability to work in the toughest environments. From ecologically sensitive areas to challenging terrains, you can rely on us to complete your project on time without negatively