four roads construction

A big part of our revenue comes from working on projects for utility providers - making it one of our major services. Ever since we joined the industry, our business quickly gained traction and became amongst the most preferred construction companies when it comes to the installation of new utilities, be it gas, water or electric. Our positive reputation did not only put us on top of the competition in the West Midlands,but also as far as London.

That's why if your are looking for a construction team and a utlility engineer in the UK with a wealth of experience to handle your next project, your search ends with Four Roads Construction. Our strong track record tells you that we will closely collaborate with you, from the ground up to the project's fruition.

Qualified, Competent & Experienced

All members of our team have a CSCS card, ensuring that your project will be handled by 100% certified and qualified experts.

Other than the fact that our workers are highly motivated and share our passion for quality construction, we make it a point to train them regularly for continuous improvement. This is the secret behind our high level of competency in different job requirements.

Our combined industry experience guarantees you that we can manage your project properly, and build any structure you require to perfection.

Safety First

Our company strives to finish the job with zero safety incidents. We are particular about the present hazards in our surroundings and control all forms of risk involved in our activities. We know that a single incident may impact the flow of operations, and we will not let anything affect your business.

With Four Roads Construction's seasoned utility engineers in the UK, expect your project to be handled with excellence. Contact us today for your enquiries and to discuss your requirements.