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Pressure Testing

Four Roads Construction undertakes pressure testing across PE and metallic pipelines using industry-leading methods.

Why Choose Four Roads Construction?

Four Roads has built a strong reputation for the provision of water pressure testing across the U.K. Trusted by clients nationwide; we will undertake all testing in line with the incumbent water authority’s specifications.

How Is Hydrostatic Testing Conducted?

We conduct hydrostatic testing for water pipelines according to the WRc type 2 method, which involves logging in-depth data and analysis based on specifications.

We can also provide hydrostatic testing services for stage 1 evaluation of high-pressure gas pipelines. This includes the delivery of water using tankers, dewatering, and drying.

Again, this is all provided with the addition of comprehensive data logging.

Our Pressure Testing Clients

We assist a range of clients with water pressure testing including:

  • National housebuilders
  • Water Authorities
  • Main contractor water companies
  • Groundwork contractors (rising mains)
  • Private developers

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