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Rising Mains

Four Roads Construction offers a solution to this problem as we provide installation of a compliant rising main with appropriate pumping stations which connect to the main sewer.

No matter whether you are an individual private homeowner looking to upgrade your septic tank or cesspit use, or you manage a range of properties positioned remotely, we can assist with all of your rising mains requirements.

As an independent  family-run business, Four Roads Construction has the capability of delivering compliant and cost-effective results, as well as the logistical capacity, to satisfy complex Rising Main/Pumping Station arrangements.

Four Roads Construction will respond to client requests in terms of when the work needs to be carried out and the contract timeline.

Services we provide

We offer a range of rising mains services including the following:

  • Installation of rising mains from 32-400mm
  • Testing to WRC specifications
  • Repairing of drainage systems
  • Construction of manholes, pump sets, and tanks for electrical connections
  • Installation of rainwater recovery pipes
  • Pipework routing

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